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This type of web conferencing/communication is a whole new subject, really and requires a page of its own and possibly more in-depth use and study. While the future of Skype is unsure (will it be bought by a bigger company and ultimately no longer be free, for instance?), it is such a robust and easy to use tool that it should be considered for use in education. While I probably wouldn't build my future around it for the sole tool for an online course, it can certainly come in handy and its price can't be beat.


Download Skype and try it out: http://www.skype.com/download/


Moodle has a Skype integration feature that allows all users to see when they are online and accessible via Skype: http://docs.moodle.org/en/Skype_presence_block


Here is a great FAQ page on Skyecasts: http://support.skype.com/?_a=knowledgebase&_j=subcat&_i=42


An Educause article on educational uses for Skypecasts: http://connect.educause.edu/blog/jeffvand/skypecastsacademicpo/11367







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