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Other Collaborative Tools


Although this wiki focuses on web conferencing, it is also important to discuss possible learning tools that can enable collaboration and asynchronous communitation.




Moodle, a learning management system, is open-source and needs to be on a server using mySQL as the database. It is easy to install, configure, and use and offers MANY modules that can be added to increase collaboration/communication. For instance, students can see who is online when they enter the course site, can include their Skype account to be contacted that way, can communicate via text/audio and maybe video conferencing (dimdim?). Using Moodle would of course require another server to house the software, someone to upgrade, maintain, add modules, and back up the files, new learning for faculty and students, and the possibility that BSU would not be interested in supporting it. So, there are some hurdles to overcome.


Moodle creates a personal atmosphere by including students' pictures and includes a very nice graphical interface for its discussion forums.


Hosted BSU wikis


Academic Technologies will be hosting a wiki service through a new Apple server that is scheduled to be installed in spring 2008. Using a wiki as a course site for certain courses that would require more writing and exploration could be a real possiblilty. Of course, any number of free wikis could be used too




We are planning on instituting iTunes U at Boise State, which will provide instructors with an entry portal for their courses and the ability to create and host podcasts. Podcasts can be created by faculty and/or students and could provide possibilities to demonstrate learning, record interviews for additional discussion, and many other instructional purposes. We still don't know when this service will be available, but are shooting for spring 2008.

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