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Microsoft Live Meeting Pricing


Here's what I've found out so far about Microsoft Live Meeting pricing through OIT:


·         Office Live Meeting Pro Subscription Per User Through February 2009

·         Part # M0371SS                 $46.63

·         Office Live Meeting Pro Subscription Services Through February 2009

·         Part # M0371S   $3,890.58

(I was told by Microsoft that they no longer charge the subscription services fee, so we’ll  need to check this out with OIT)

·         Office Live Meeting  Standard Subscription to February 2009 through February 2009

·         Part # M0032S   $16.11


To figure out pricing:

  • You’ll need to figure out how many internal faculty/staff members would be needed to organize/manage a meeting. If you have 5, for instance, that would be 5 X 46.63 ($233.15)
  • Faculty/staff who need to attend the Live Meetings would need to purchase the Standard subscription. If you have 10 additional faculty/staff who will be attending meetings, for instance, then that would be 10 X $16.11 ($161.10)
  • Any external meeting attendee would not need to be licensed. The licensing fees only apply to internal faculty/staff.
  • Again, I’m not sure about the $3890.58 subscription services fee and will find out about this.


Additional comments:

  • I’m assuming that the per user fees are yearly (not monthly fees).
  • So, based upon the estimates above (5 pro users and 10 standard), the total bill would be about $500. (This price assumes that Microsoft won’t charge us the yearly subscription services fee of $3890.58).
  • There is no celing on how much data you can store on the LiveMeeting data centers. A Pro license can store meetings for up to 365 days.

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